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The History Of Marble Stone And Why It Makes Great Countertops

Marble is the result of limestone that has been metamorphosed, or subjected to great heat and  pressure.  Marble has been used for building and construction since the ancient times.  The word marble comes from ancient Greek and means “shining stone.”  It was used extensively by ancient Greek and Roman architects and sculptors. Marble’s usefulness as [...]

Ideal Sink Installation Styles for Your Kitchen Countertop

The sink has always been the unsung hero of the kitchen. Everyone marvels at all the amazing dishes that come out from the oven, the stovetop, and even the microwave! But when all is said and eaten, the dirty dishes are unceremoniously piled into the sink while everyone averts their gaze from the offensive pyramid [...]

What Are the Different Types of Countertop Edges?

When people talk about their dream countertop, they go in detail about the material, colour, pattern, and maybe even a little about the shape if they’re also describing their kitchen layout. You don’t often hear them talking about the edge finishing though. It may be because the sheer number of edge finishing options can be [...]

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