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Pros and Cons of Porcelain Countertops (A Comprehensive Guide)

Which materials immediately come to the mind when you hear about the phrase “most durable countertop”? Chances are granite or quartz. In terms of durability, sure, these materials are impressive. But people often underestimate the strength of porcelain countertops.Did you know that porcelain, for instance, is much stronger than granite and is almost as hard [...]

2 Ultimate All-Weather Countertops for the Patio Kitchen

  Outdoor kitchens on the patio are a growing trend in home renovations these days. The CEO of Design Line Interiors, Dawn Davidson, estimates to KitchenBathDesign.com that “90{2d6e0fa96fc41ec19eb0fe4913e38166898bc1a950c39c5d60af299502ec46d5} of her firm’s warm-weather residential projects today include an outdoor kitchen”.   If you’re cooking and preparing your food outside, you need a countertop to work on [...]

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