We all have unique shower routines so there’s no one-size-fits-all design that’ll work for everybody. Enter custom shower niches and the versatility they offer.


The days of fumbling around the bathtub edge or awkwardly reaching through the shower curtain are officially over.  By customizing your shower niches, you can finally put together a shower that actually fits your needs.


Let’s look at all the integrated ways to make your shower design functional.


Built-in bench

A built-in bench is the perfect place for the bathroom routines that you’d normally sit at the edge of a bathtub for. Activities like washing feet or shaving legs can now be done in comfort.

This is also a must-have feature if your parents or in-laws are staying with you. Giving them the option to sit down during showers will bring relief for their joints. Make sure to also install secured grab bars and have anti-slip mats handy when they come visit.


Hair products holder

Nothing beats having your shampoo and conditioner within easy reach when you have water in your eyes. Placing them in their own sheltered niche also means they’re less prone to be slippery.


Soap holder

If you use bar soap, it’s nice to house it in a custom niche rather than the same one as your hair products. That way, you won’t risk getting shampoo or conditioner onto the soap. It’ll also stay in place more snugly since there is less surface area for it to slip around in.


Multi-shelf niche

Got too many shower essentials? Think outside the small niche! Consider putting in a tall niche with several shelves. Now you can organize everything in one place and even designate a shelf for each family member. Not only that, but it’s also a great way to maximize storage space in your bathroom.


Running niche

The drawback of the multi-shelf niche is its height, which may take away from the look you’re trying to create. A running niche is something else you can try. If you don’t mind spreading out your products around the shower stall, you can design a niche that runs along all sides of your shower walls. This idea is especially striking when you use a colour accent on the niche’s back wall.


Candle alcove

After a hard day’s night, taking a long hot shower does wonders for your mood. Candles also have a calming effect. If you want some of that during your shower, create little niche alcoves for candles. Then, add glass doors in front of them as a safety measure.


Recessed non-fogging mirror

Another creative way to use a shower niche is by attaching a non-fogging shower mirror to the niche’s back wall. The recessed mirror is then protected from accidental bumps as well as from most of the shower spray. You’ll be sure to get a clear reflection every time.


You can also augment all these ideas with distinctive styles. Features like individual niche lighting, niches made of backlit onyx, or niches with colour-accent back walls go a long way in giving your bathroom the spa-like touch. And when you have your own personal spa in your bathroom, you can handle anything that comes your way.