A kitchen island can be so much more than just an extra food preparation area. The following ideas will transform your kitchen island into a multi-function centre:


Specialized cooking station

If you often like to cook large feasts for a lot of guests, the kitchen can become chaotic very quickly. In addition to your range, it’s also a good idea to install a cooktop to your kitchen island countertop. It’ll give you more heating surfaces as you cycle multiple dishes through their different cooking phases.

Depending on your cooking style, you may also want to choose your countertop material accordingly. For example, if you like to chop ingredients directly on the counter but also need a marble surface for kneading dough, you can install a quartz countertop for the island and put in a marble inset at one end. Or you can do the opposite if you need a larger kneading surface.


Casual meal setting

On the days where you don’t have any guests to entertain, it’s nice to gather around the kitchen island for a casual meal. You can set this up with something as simple as bar stools around the island or something fancy like an extended breakfast banquette.


Extra storage space

Maxing out your kitchen storage space is a crucial part of de-cluttering your countertops. So for your kitchen island, don’t forget to add any drawers or cabinets you need to hold excess appliances or utensils. It’s also a great location for a large appliance like a wine cooler or dishwasher to be tucked underneath. Countertop appliances take up more space than you think so be sure to give them a home as well with built-in shelving for microwaves, mixers, and toasters.


Cookbooks and recipes display

Have a set of cookbooks or a recipes box you refer to religiously? Dedicate a section of your kitchen island to them by building in open shelving! It’ll give you convenient access as well as a place to display them prominently.


Electronics centre

If you like to carry an electronic device with you everywhere in the house, install a shelf with plugged-in docks for your phone or tablet while they’re charging. That way, you can always check on their status while you’re in the kitchen and even refer to online recipes. Another idea is to install hideaway electrical sockets right on the island countertop or on the sides of the base cabinet.


Family communication hub

Instead of using the fridge door and magnets, install a cabinet with dual doors at one end of the kitchen island. Hang a small whiteboard on the inside of one of the cabinet doors for quick messages to your family. The other cabinet door would be for a cork board where the general family calendar can be posted. The inside shelving can then be used as a sorting system for each family member’s mail, documents, or school forms.


With careful planning, you can add functionality to your kitchen island in more ways than one.