Mardi Gras and Valentine’s Day have both come and gone. Hopefully you were able to draw in a good crowd! If not, don’t worry – there are always opportunities coming up where you can keep drinks flowing in your bar.


Try out some of these irresistible ideas to boost drink sales:


Maintain the perfect drinking conditions

Customers will naturally drink more in the right conditions. These include keeping the bar room temperature warm and cozy. You should also turn up the volume of the music to get the dance floor jumping and the adrenaline pumping. Generate a buzz of excitement in the air and you’ll get customers to keep coming back for more shots.

Also, make sure you carefully design every detail to keep your bar trendy. That means being choosey about the right bar stools, pendant lights, liquor shelves, and LED backlights to set off your onyx countertops or quartz countertops. You want your bar counter to be the centre of attention.


Come up with creative presentations of your drinks

Brainstorm with your bartenders on ideas to make your drinks stand out. This can take the form of unique or even unusual combinations of ingredients. Then mix them together in distinctive glasses or pitchers. Remember to play around with colours and fancy edible garnishes so that the creativity of each drink really shines out.


Train your bartenders in the art of salesmanship

Your bartenders are so much more than just drink-mixers – they’re directly responsible for increasing your profit margins. If you serve food in your bar, have your bartenders start off with offering drink suggestions that’ll pair well with customers’ food orders. Or if there’s no food at your bar, your bartenders can hone their instincts on the right timing to upsell drinks to customers.


Host holiday theme nights or make up your own

A chance to dress up is one of the main attractions of going out. And if it’s going out in costume, even better! Customers won’t just have fun drawing up their costumes, but they’ll also get their friends excited about their own ideas. When everyone brings a friend or two, it’ll turn into another packed night for sure. You can also add to the allure of the event by offering themed drinks on the night!


Create a calendar of drink-special events

At the beginning of every year, plan out when you can provide drink specials throughout the year. These drink-special events can revolve around holidays, seasonal occasions, and sports playoffs. At least a week or two before each drink-special event, start promoting it on all your marketing channels. Stay on top of current trending events or causes your customers care about as well. If it’s timely, you can spontaneously offer creative drink specials inspired by those events or causes.


Promote on social media

Many people get their news or hear wind of fun things to do through social media these days. It’s important that your bar has a strong social media presence. Whether you’re promoting your bar or drink specialties or upcoming events, make sure to use high-quality photos and videos on social media posts. It also makes a big difference to engage your customers with contests and polls.


As your customers focus on “bottoms up”, you can focus on the bottom line!