It’s not enough to choose the type of countertop you’d like in your dream kitchen. You also need to be picky in choosing the right countertop fabricator for you!


How do you know though? These are good questions to ask your countertop fabricator:


Do you have testimonials I can review or references I can call?

Stone countertops are a major renovation investment so you want to make sure you go with a reputable countertop fabricator. You should always check for references and read up on testimonials about the company. If the countertop fabricator has a portfolio of past works they can show you, even better.


May I see the showroom of your stone inventory?

This question accomplishes two things: it reassures you that the countertop fabricator really manages their own inventory of stones and it allows you to see for yourself the quality of the sourced stones. Some companies don’t actually carry their own supply of stone and order from other suppliers instead. A countertop fabricator with their own showroom of inventory will give you more confidence that you’ll get the stone you picked out.


Will this countertop handle my cooking style?

You know best how you’ll most likely use the countertop. Whether you’re a baker or like to chop ingredients directly on the countertop, it’s important to ask if your countertop choice is durable enough for your daily usage.


Does the finish I want work for the material I chose?

Every countertop stone material has a unique makeup. You may have a particular surface finish or countertop edge in mind, but they may not be suitable for the type of stone you chose. A knowledgeable countertop fabricator will be able to tell you what works and what doesn’t.


What’s your warranty policy like?

Professional and high-quality countertop fabricators stand by the work they produce. If they have a solid warranty policy in place, it says a lot about what you can expect of their workmanship.


Would you provide me with maintenance guidelines for my countertop material?

You chose custom stone countertops because you want your countertops to last a lifetime. That involves a lot of maintenance work on your part so why not get expert advice straight from the source? It also gives you an idea on how well your countertop fabricator is familiar with their products.


With this list of questions, you can set your mind at ease that you’ll get a quality countertop from a quality fabricator.